by Mary Shay

There is no right, no wrong
No weak or strong,
No tall or small
Nothing at all.
The only thing that comes to mind,
Is Time…
The only thing that passes…
Is Time.
The only thing there is… Time.
Past, present, future.
We who don’t want time to pass
Are egoistic fools.
(It won’t stop, it never will)
We who don’t want to grow old
Or see the wrinkles form,
Or our hair turn from brown to gray,
We who worry about ourselves too much
When someone dies.
We who take life too lightly
And live on lies.
Only time can tell.
Only time can heal.
Only time can lie and steal
And cheat and kill.
So constant, so real.
Always there no matter where you go or
What language you speak or
What religion you believe or
What colour your skin, whether
Beauty or Beast
The one thing you can believe in
At least…